About Us

The Arizona Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) is the voice of the union mechanical contracting industry in Arizona. We believe strongly in the businesses that make up our industry and we seek to serve their interests.

Why Choose a Union Mechanical Contractor?

By Choosing a union mechanical contractor, you have the assurance that you are employing the most skilled, highly trained and dedicated workers for the job.

The Arizona Mechanical Contractors Association and UA Local 469 are committed to the highest standards of training and education, competence and integrity. Together with the United Association (UA), we spend 4 Million annually on cutting edge apprenticeship training in Arizona alone, with a budget of $250 million nationally. Our well-trained workforce means projects are completed on time, safely and efficiently.

When productivity, time, cost and safety matter, turn to us.

Join us in building a successful industry for today and tomorrow.

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